It’s a Backdrop

In re-vamping this blog, I had to consider just what “angle” I wanted to take. I settled on a generic “This is our life, take it or leave it” approach, but that wasn’t the sole conclusion of this decision making process.

My family are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and I have a personal testimony of the truthfulness of this organization and it’s doctrine. That testimony was not prescribed to me. It wasn’t drilled into my mind since birth, as some may suggest. Rather I found through an individual journey of study, reflection, introspection, and prayer that what I found here was good, real and true.

I understand that religion in many ways and nearly all forms is not popular. In some aspects, it is even unpopular. But I would not be presenting an authentic version of myself if I failed to include my thoughts, feelings, experiences and memories associated with my beliefs. With that in mind, I will try to clarify jargon I may use on this page. You can also visit and for further information about the history (yes, it is flawed; unfortunate but true – this church is comprised of imperfect people, but gratefully led by the one Perfect One), doctrine and organization of the LDS church.

I also hope this becomes a safe platform for other members of the LDS faith to share their individual testimonies in the hopes that we can touch others’ lives in some meaningful, unknown way. Member missionary work seems daunting, but something as simple as this can change hearts and the world.