Where You Are

Sometimes life overwhelms me. Not on a day-to-day basis necessarily, but I occasionally find myself caught up missing simpler times while simultaneously yearning for future goals and wishes. It makes me feel tangled and immobile in the present, even though I know I'm not. In fact I have quite a bit to keep my mind … Continue reading Where You Are


Bachelorette Mocktail Party

I had SUCH A BLAST orchestrating and executing my best friend's Bachelorette party! Here are some of the finer details and a ton of glorious pics of the soiree! All photography credits go to Robyn Woolley, sister of the bride, picture-taking extraordinare and all-around fine and classy lady! The Location: We had the party at … Continue reading Bachelorette Mocktail Party

Responses to Promptings and Answered Prayers

I'm not a big advocate of New Year's resolutions. Setting long-term goals with indefinite endings once a year just doesn't seem effective or attainable, as New Year's resolutions themselves are evidence to. I am, however, a proponent of continual repentance and New Years presents a prime opportunity to review the changes implemented in the last … Continue reading Responses to Promptings and Answered Prayers

Maintaining a Thanksgiving Attitude through the Christmas Season

Last Saturday, I was sorting through Emma's outgrown clothes when I heard a knock at the door. At 3 in the afternoon where I have no close friends and few aquaintances, I thought it had to be the UPS guy. But when I opened the door, it was my father's round noggin' that came into … Continue reading Maintaining a Thanksgiving Attitude through the Christmas Season