One Semester Down…

The last three months have been CRAZY, as evidenced by my utter blog-silence. Here are a few of the highlights to catch you up with our insane lives. 

Mickayeen finished his second semester of school – yay for moving up to Sophomore status! He took math and science general classes, a Book of Mormon study, intro to psych and intro to the study of history. That last one sounds about as boring as can be to me but my cute nerdy husband really enjoyed the content despite its being taught by one of those teachers that just seem to prefer when students hate them. His final paper alone took weeks of preparation and days of moody-stressed writing. But he did a great job regardless! He has developed a profound love for the War of the Roses and all the silacious crimes of that time…not sure what that says about him or our family’s future. 

Emma turned one! I can’t believe our little girl has already been alive that long. It’s incredible to look at her newborn pictures and see how much growth that year created in her. She has a strong personality – mostly like her mother’s. She is very decided about what she wants and how to get it. She can turn from laughing to screaming and back again in 2.2 seconds. Daddy is her favorite person and she gives him the biggest 6-tooth grin whenever he comes home from class. She’s talkative- babbling all day long to her mommy and toys. She can say ‘hi’ and likes to wave at pictures and passers-by. She is getting really good at communicating when she is hungry — she will cry “baba, mamamamamama, baba!” She is really the sweetest little girl, content to explore and so curious about other people and places. Being her parents is an unparalleled joy. We are so grateful her impatient little spirit couldn’t wait hardly another moment to join us. 

I finished up my second-to-last semester online. My business class had me completely enamored, perhaps for the first time, with my major. It took a lot of convincing for me to settle on a business degree, but really I’m not sure why that was; my biggest personality traits and preferences fit remarkably well into the field. I also finished my communications and psychology minor classes. I am so excited to nearly be done! Doing school with a baby is sometimes challenging, but the example I know it sets for her and how it has enhanced my capabilities as a woman, wife and mother are certainly worth it. 

One of my biggest anxieties has been anticipating where I may work after graduation. Working is, unfortunately, pretty much a necessity for me as Mickayeen has a long way to go in school and living off of government loans isn’t a secure financial plan. I took to looking at the Eastern Idaho job market periodically just to see what was available. There wasn’t much. My blood pressure rose regularly at the apparent lack of options. Either I would be stuck in a job I hated or would be consigned to one that couldn’t pay all the bills or both. 

One company, however, caught my eye and sparked my interest. Melaleuca, Inc. is a global wellness product company that happens to be based in Idaho Falls. They grossed over $1.75 Billion dollars last year alone, a remarkable feat for a 35 year old company. Their structure and values are well aligned with my own and I found ample opportunity for growth in a rewarding career from what I saw on their website. 

I stalked a bunch of their higher-ups on LinkedIn, made some fantastic connections and seven interviews later I am anxiously awaiting a call to hear whether or not they want to hire me! Waiting has been exhausting and taxing, although probably purposeful. Heaven knows I can always use a lesson in patience. I face internal struggles with being a working mother – I haven’t ever been away from Emma and the thought of being so is depressing at best. However, I have seen the hand of God in this process and know that He has prepared me for the anticipated time when working is the only option. I find peace in his approval and understanding, and that of my incredibly supportive husband. 

Making arrangements for a potential new career has been stressful as well. We currently live in Rigby, smack-dab in between Rexburg, where Mickayeen goes to school, and Idaho Falls, where this job would be. The issue of transportation left us with the options of either buying a second car, paying twice as much in gas and insurance, or moving to Rexburg so Mickayeen can be closer to campus and wouldn’t need a car. Moving, although much less immediately convenient and much more immediately stressful, is clearly the cheaper option. We have been monitoring the housing market and found a promising location at an apartment complex a mile from campus. However, the location and amenities weren’t sitting right with me enough to submit an application. The reason became clear when we were offered a townhouse closer to campus and only $20 more than our current rent, when this complex would have cost $150 more. And thus, for the billionth time, WE ARE MOVING! So much for the blood oath Mickayeen made me. Of course, it seems strange to make a move for a job that I don’t yet have, but all things considered this is a wiser option for Mickayeen and his study needs and I feel comfortable making this decision for that purpose alone. 

We are looking forward to a week’s break from classes before hitting the books again. Our move on Saturday will certainly keep us busy as well. Emma has no interest in walking yet but we expect she can’t put it off forever, so the next few months may see a development there. Prayers and words of encouragement about this job, working motherhood and somehow managing to find time for work, full-time school, a home, a husband and a child are always welcome. Happy Sunday and Happy Spring! 


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