Bachelorette Mocktail Party

I had SUCH A BLAST orchestrating and executing my best friend’s Bachelorette party! Here are some of the finer details and a ton of glorious pics of the soiree! All photography credits go to Robyn Woolley, sister of the bride, picture-taking extraordinare and all-around fine and classy lady!

The Location: We had the party at La Jolla Groves in Provo, UT about three weeks before the bride’s other big day! They were so accommodating with providing a private room for us!

The Mocktails: We set up a make-shift mocktail bar, complete with wine glasses – hand decorated by yours truly as a gift to the bride! – and all the supplies you could possibly need for classy, tasty drinks! My cousin Ryan was feeling generous and opted to take the role of bartender, along with his only-slightly-coerced friend Jake (a bunch of pretty single girls sweetened that deal, I am sure). Our signature drink, the Grace Jensen, consisted of Diet Coke, grenadine and a cherry. Other drinks included Pink “Not” Champagne, the classic Shirley Temple, Cran-Lime Sparklers. Pina Coladas were the most popular drink of the day!

The Decorations: Katy Nelson was in charge of decor and she delivered in fine fashion! The elegant touches of gold, framed phrases, and a beautiful hand-made backdrop lightened the room. Each accent was perfect! Assigned seats were labeled by hand-made place tags and accentuated by the party favor – glittery bubbles!

The Guests: Party goers included some of the finest women I have ever had the pleasure of meeting! Along with Bride Grace, Courtney and myself, we were blessed with the presence of some of Grace’s family: Mama Woolley, Alice Cannon, and Robyn.  Grace’s mission BFFs included Emily Porter, Brooke Davis, Elizabeth Ashby, Tiffany Taggert, Bekah Tobler, and Katelyn Williams. Also in attendance were close friends Cori Scott, Katy Nelson, Jillian Vanderstel and Kaela Marriott.

And to answer your question, NO we didn’t color coordinate! Ok, that’s a lie. But no one could know just how complimentary it would turn out!

Oh, and the littlest guest: Emma Farner!

The Games: Courtney was in charge of entertainment! She had to think on her feet since the game she originally planned was accidentally sniped and played at Grace’s Bridal Shower only hours earlier! Instead we concocted a delightful version of Bachelorette Bingo, playing girl-power girl-party songs at random to fill up home-made scorecards! The music kept everyone playful and provided a great background for deep talks, lots of laughs and, of course, the scrumptious meal!

The Gifts: Pictures of most of the “unmentionables” have been omitted for the Bride and Groom’s privacy, but suffice it to say that there were some fantastic and, yes, BLUSH-worthy gifts!

The Speeches: All the girls took turns telling anecdotes about the Bride, how they met, and the millions of reasons we love her! Laughing erupted. Tears flowed. Laughs and tears combined and things got really messy from there. But mostly all the hearts in the room were happy. Grace topped it off with a touching Thank-You all her own.

The Poses: Arguably one of the best parts of the day was taking group photos with our beloved Bride! Robyn coordinated us all into the most adorable poses! Her talent + Our beauty = some of the most fun, gorgeous girl pics imaginable! Here are some of my absolute favs!




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