Graceful Gracie Girl

Many of you know the other half of quite the dynamic duo that is myself and Grace Woolley. Grace and I met as roommates our first semester at BYU. My earliest memory is of her traipsing around our apartment, making a convincing if slightly overzealous argument for why Taylor Swift was the best thing since sliced bread. And thus our roller coaster friendship commenced! 

Like all roller coasters, the beginning was slow, rocky, jolting and haphazardous. It was intimidating to try to befriend a girl who already had a more than substantial social media following and whom half of her facebook photos featured a dazzling crown atop her blonde mane. The girl was freaking royalty! Meanwhile, the biggest claim to my name was a significant sports knowledge obtained over years of being the coach’s daughter, and a grand slam against our inner city rival to win the game. Less than stunning, but it was something. 

I knew before we met that we were bound to be great friends. “Call if fate, destiny…” an email…. But for her it took a little longer to see the light. No judging and I can’t blame her. My rough edges were more than a few, especially at that time. Like all great love stories, one thing led to another and several spiritual experiences and late nights later it was plain to see that she and I were bound by loving ties, eternally. 

Since those early days of which we love to reminisce, we have collectively survived two missions, tons of roommates, unending schooling (or so it seems), losses, wins, new friends and lost ones, vacations, accidents, molding, purifying, mending, stretching, shaping and remodeling galore. I’m pleased to say that we have both emerged as more fortified, better human beings than we were and I am even more pleased to claim that we are still and will ever be the very best of soul best friends. 

Many of you have had the privilege of knowing the beautiful chaos that is Grace Woolley. Well, the darling woman is soon-to-be Grace Jensen, and with all the craziness of wedding planning, finals, moving, surviving a near-death experience, etc. she could use a few words about how she has touched all of our lives! We would love to share this with her as a gift in her upcoming bachelorette party, so comment away! 

I’ll go first! Of all the people I have ever met in my life, I have never met someone who can be deep and silly, messy and clean, thoughtful and spontaneous, spiritually and physically aware and sometimes clueless. She is a sea of contradictions rolled into one breathtaking package. She has habits that can simultaneously drive you crazy and make you love her more. She throws her whole heart into anything she tries to do – which is usually everything. She can be uncertain and inhibited and brave in the same breaths. She is sure of her divine nature and yet she doesn’t always know just how she makes waves – big, glorious ones-in the lives of those around her. It’s marvelous to behold. I feel so deeply grateful that I am blessed to experience all her depth and heights! She is the best friend a girl could hope for! 

“She was fiercely independent, [Grace Woolley]. Brilliant and beautiful and brave. In two years, she had grown more than anyone I had ever known. [Grace Woolley] is going to change the world someday, and I’m not sure she even knows it.” 

Thank you for being the Brooke Davis to my Haley James Scott. 

Oops…sorry, not like that. Like this!:


2 thoughts on “Graceful Gracie Girl

  1. Grace is one of the most incredible people I ever met! Of the 5 years I spent in Provo, I met very few people that I still feel like I am close with, beyond just physical distance. Grace is one of those special few. Our first meeting was a roller coaster – let’s be honest, the only thing that got me out of my introverted shell to talk to her was because she is gorgeous. She quickly squashed any romantic inclinations I may have had by casually mentioning that she was only 17, while I was a 22 year old returned missionary.

    With any thoughts of dating Grace gone, what kept me around was her quick wit, her charm, her spontaneity, and her spirit. While I may be 5 years her elder, I am a child to her spiritual giant. From the day I met her, whenever I’m around her I want to be a better person. She never fails to uplift me and make me feel good about where I am and where I’m headed. She has an amazing heart and capacity to love those around her, and it is one of the many things that made her a fantastic missionary. Her laughter and happiness is infectious, and it makes everyone want to be around her. She is the opposite of me in so many ways – and yet, we get along magnificently. She just has a magnetic personality that makes those around her comfortable.

    Along the way, she has even given me another wacky princess I like to call one of those special few friends. I am so grateful that I met Grace, and that she’s been willing to be a part of my life for these past 5 years. I can say with certainty I’d be a different person if I hadn’t met her, and I know that that influence has only ever been positive.

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  2. Grace!

    You are the only reason I started to begin liking Provo! I don’t know what I would have done without you! You gave me a social life! We had a bunch of fun girls nights, inviting boys over for dinner, spendings hours to get ready, emergency room visits, and much much more. A few more months later you introduce me to another special friend and we became the inseparable 3 musketeers and did almost everything together from 5:30am gym time to late night girl talks. Thank you for making my college experience so fun! I am so blessed to have met you and to have you in my life. Life is so different and crazy now, but I’m so excited to watch you and Zach grow together! You have a special way of touching everyone around you! Everyone that meets you, loves you and instantly wants to be your friend. I’ve never met anyone quite like you(in a good way haha). I love you and so happy for you!

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