Family Photos

I have been overwhelmed lately with school, The Babe, family and friend circumstances and (as you could probably tell) the deranged political environment. So I decided to take a break from all the negativity and post our adorable family photos from back in August!

Laura Flinders gifted me a thirty minute session with one of her favorite family photographers for Mother’s Day – honestly, one of the most thoughtful gifts ever!

I love some of the faces Emma makes. This was over two months ago and it amazes me how much she has grown! Our session was around her bedtime so you see some of her grump side come out. I can practically see “Ick, Daddy!” and “Guys, stawwwppp” written on her little face.

Of course, it was hecka windy. You can’t tell but I actually did my hair for the first time in six months. I also finally got to squeeze in a blue/yellow color scheme, which has always been a goal of mine. #missionaccomplished

This was a fantastic way to commemorate our time in California. It was a great extended vacation, and we have photo evidence to prove it!


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