Talk About Moving

We are officially the newest residents of Rigby, Idaho, making the population a whopping 4003! We have seen so many blessings during this process and are filled with so much gratitude to our California friends and family for helping us pack the moving truck. Our parents and my uncle have also helped a TON with driving the truck and unpacking our new apartment! 

Emma is officially the best baby in the whole world, if there needed further proof. She rocked the 16+ hours in the car. So long as we kept her fed, she was quiet and content. I think the last twenty minutes of the trip was the only time she really cried. Despite the drastic change in location and the upheaval of her schedule, she is still sleeping through the night an taking decent daytime naps as well. And now she can say that she has lived in three different states before she was six months old! I don’t know if that is something to brag about but it will make for a good tidbit later in her life. 

We were blessed with good weather, full tanks, and no cops on our drive up. We stopped in Lehi at a friend’s house Friday night and got into Rigby around 1pm the next day. We hadn’t left until nine that morning since I had to get pretty for a school assignment. Moving, a babe and homework definitely don’t mix.

Between The Grands, my uncle, and some great friends, we made short work of unpacking. Our apartment is smaller than our California one but it still fits all of our things and heck it’s a third of the price so who cares? 

Our main stressor since being here is that the job Mickayeen had lined up fell through. They couldn’t get him enough hours and it wasn’t the position he had wanted to begin with so we ended up doing some serious job hunting for about a week. It was initially quite frustrating as could be expected, and we had to give ourselves mental adjustments frequently. My mentality was that God’s hand had been so apparent in bringing us here that there was no way He would leave us hanging now. The next week Mickayeen received over six offers and we then had the trial of picking just one. Once again, the Lord comes through in full and fine fashion. 

So far we have really been enjoying our little town! Mickayeen takes Emma on lots of walks to catch Pokemon together so they have gotten to know the streets pretty well. There are no through-streets, so that makes things interesting. But I love the small-town feel. Last weekend was homecoming for the local high school and the whole town gathered around Main Street to watch the parade and cheer on the football team. I love that! I also love how the sky is HUGE, how it has been consistently in the 70’s and how it actually rains occasionally! We took a walk around a gorgeous little lake only a mile away from our house and it made me so nostalgic about camping with my dad and brother when we were kids. Oh how times flies! 

Mickayeen is getting ready for school next semester and we are excited to get that under way. Regardless of what happens next, I required a blood oath from him that we won’t be moving for two years minimum. We made a “move to a town that’s right for [us ]”(for now) and now I am over it. 


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