The Idaho Situation – Update 1

Thank you to all our friends and family who have reached out to us about this move! I’ve received several small questions about our impending adventure, so I figured I would write a general update!

Our decision has seemed especially confirmed as we have made preparations and seen the Hand of God guiding us. Mickayeen has only one more step before his application will be fully submitted. We have come in contact with several people who work in the CES field as well who have offered to counsel with Mickayeen. Some encounters have been positive, others have felt opposing but that has served as further confirmation too; I would be more concerned if his dream went completely unhindered. 

One of the biggest concerns we have had is how to be released from our current apartment contract since we are technically financially responsible for it until a new tenant moves in. I started advertising along with our management and it took only a week to find a committed tenant. They move in September 26th, so we only have to cover ten days past our own move out date. 

Housing in Rexburg is impossible. I began looking at the market even before we made our final decision to move and everything was already booked for Fall semester. We did see a nice town home for $850/month. Coming from California, that price looked like nothing, but we figured it is probably considered expensive in Idaho.  

Idaho Falls had a much more promising outlook, despite the 30 minute commute. Mickayeen has been commuting four hours total per day here so comparatively it isn’t bad, but I wanted to find something even closer. One of Mickayeen’s aunts lives in Rigby, which is only 15 minutes from Rexburg, so living there would be ideal. Unfortunately it tends to be much more expensive than either Rexburg or Idaho Falls.

The Saturday morning a week after we had attended the temple and made our final decision, I was looking on Craigslist as I had every day and was blessed to find exactly what we were looking for. A little 2 bedroom, 1 bath with almost 900 square feet in a quiet neighborhood just off the highway in Rigby. Rent was listed as less than $600, with utilities it will be closer to $750; still a better deal than anything else we would be able to find. Despite inquiries from 8 other people, the listing manager chose our application to go through and we were able to secure it beginning in September. It was only after the fact that we learned our new home is about two minutes from Mickayeen’s Aunt Melissa. 

Finances have been another concern. Of course, our current bosses came to our rescue again like the saints they are. Between David and Laura, my parents, my Aunt Jill and Uncle Don, our moving expenses have been drastically decreased at least until we are more stable and can pay back our benefactors. It’s impossible to express our gratitude accurately, even to my parents. Of course, I have the benefit of being a parent and loving a child so much that I would do anything for her – but as a recipient child it’s humbling to feel that unconditional love. Heavenly Father has also provided more direct means of financial assistance, including a random check from a previous job, an extra paycheck in the month of August, a smaller rent payment for our California apartment next month, etc. Mickayeen’s aunt Melissa has also been incredibly helpful with finding us part/full time jobs for as soon as we get settled.

We move out on September 16th and move in to our new place on September 17th. As these dates come closer, we are becoming more excited for what lies ahead of us. We also see more of the purpose in our move to California. If nothing else, being unenamored with Cali has aided our excitement for Idaho. I mean, let’s be honest, we needed at least a little disappointment before Idaho could seem appealing. Here’s to not fretting…too much.


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