I’ll Follow You. Even to Idaho. 

Sometimes it seems life drags you around in circles. Like literal ones.

Firstly, we should clarify that California has been fantastic. It was absolutely the right thing for our family to move here and we have seen so many blessings because we did! California is a great place – to visit. Frankly, I find the always sunny weather slightly offensive, particularly when I’m in a bad mood. It’s like even the weather is laughing at me. And we would have to start regularly donating plasma to afford a second child (no, I’m not pregnant; the point is California is expensive!). But these are lessons we had to move here in order to learn! 

The biggest of all revelations gained here has been simple clarity for my husband. He has always harbored a dream of being a teacher, especially of the Gospel. I have to admit I didn’t take it seriously for years. Accepting it would be simultaneously resolving that I married a man just like my father as well as owning that we will always be poor. But I have never seen him so serious in a desire for anything as this, and I’ve made binding promises that essentially say I will follow him anywhere. 

After much pondering and praying and crying and mental-exasperating, we have decided that Mickayeen will be enrolling at Brigham Young University – Idaho, beginning in January. He is interested in History Teaching as well as general religious education, although that isn’t written in stone. 

We anticipate moving in the next couple of months. Basically, we have no idea what we are doing. The following graphic is where we are at these days. Luckily, God’s vertical slide hasn’t killed us yet. History suggests it won’t kill us now either. 


2 thoughts on “I’ll Follow You. Even to Idaho. 

  1. Taking that vertical plunge is often scary but know that you family and friends will help you land as softly as possible. You will be fine. I have faith!

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