The Four-Month-Old Babe

Can’t believe The Babe is already 33.33% of a year old! Figured I would share the gift of cuteness with some pics and her current milestones. 

Emma is what we call “the littlest chub”. We weigh in around 16.5 lbs these days – about twice as much as when we were born! 

We have no idea how tall we are..but we look long don’t we?? 

We are still struggling with the “roll ’em overs”; we get stuck on our arm. Luckily our “spit ’em up”, “burp ’em out” and “hicc ’em up” games are strong. 

We still have all our baby hairs! And mama hopes that never changes. Depending on the light our hair looks either red or blonde. Excited to see which color they end up permanently. We also can bear our whole weight on our legs! But we have done that for months.

We have slept through the night (at least 6-7 hours in a row) for the last month and a half! That mommy and daddy’s favorite milestone so far.

We can sit up by ourselves when propped against something! 


We mostly can. 

We still smile at strangers, but mommy and daddy are our favorite as one unfortunate babysitter found out last week. Sorry Miss Holland! 

That’s it for now folks! Until next month when we are a whole 42% of a year old! 


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