Swimming with The Babe

*All posts previous to this were related to a BYUI Design class; Feel free to glance, but our story continues here*

Emma is a waterbug! She took her very first swim about a month ago when we were visiting Arizona for my granddad’s funeral. It was 120 degrees and so swimming was basically a survival technique. The Babe was only 2 and half months old at the time, but a private pool and some good baby sunscreen made for a safe and fun first experience!

{Personal Reminders for baby swims: 1. Endure the hassle of swim-suiting up. Bathing suits mean less area to lathing sunscreen on. 2. Make sure the pool water isn’t too drastically different from the outside temperature. Babies are more sensative to temp changes. 3. You can dunk the babe! (Evidence below). A good blow of air to the face to activate the swallow/hold-breath reflex and a quick dunk does the trick! Hopefully your little one is as tolerant as mine is. Only tried it twice with Emma, and not on the first three trips to the pool. She was a total champ when we finally tried it though!}

This weekend my friend Alice is in town. She is a fantastic photographer – such a natural talent. Check out aliceshootspeople.com to see her work! She has only ever done two pool shoots and both happened to be with me. This time I took to the chlorinated water with my sweet Babe in tow! Check out the results!



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