Final Portfolio

It is hard to believe that the semester has already come to an end! I am grateful for this final project and having the opportunity to showcase all my work in a single file, as well as some of the design principles I have learned. for this project, I knew I wanted to incorporate gradients- I just love how they look! So I started with that for my intro/conclusion slides, and then did a variation of the original gradient in two direction (one for the entire page, and one for the title text box) throughout the other slides. I added my projects and organized them into what I felt was the best order, and then submitted it to Facebook for critiques!

I received critiques from Chris Betts, April Bethea, and Sis. Petersen. Chris suggested I change the color scheme of individual slides to better fit with the project; Sis. Petersen suggested something similar, so I made that change. Also, I fixed the widow I originally had on my opening slide and moved my name over a tad to the right. April complimented my white space – I took that a step farther and added the white star design elements to add consistency between slides and also to help the slides seem less one-sided (everything is moved to the left and it resulted in a lot of empty space).



5 thoughts on “Final Portfolio

  1. Meghan, I love the way your portfolio is done and think you have done a great job of show casing your projects all together in one program. I love how simple you kept the slide design but how it still is very appealing to the eye. Your slide design project I think is my favorite and love the pictures you used to compliment your words. I have loved seeing your work throughout the semester and will miss seeing it now that the class is over. Best of wishes to you and your future.


  2. Super Job!!!! Well done your pull all of your great work together and your portfolio really show it off nicely!! I love the color you use very nice on the eyes. It has a nice flow to it. Nice typography throughout.I do not have enough good thing to say about it JUST WELL DONE! Keep up the great work and you will go far.


  3. Meghan, great job on your final portfolio. I have really enjoyed your work this semester and your creativity. I do have to say that your slides designs are my favorite. You did a great job putting your portfolio together with great fonts for the typography. Thank you so much for sharing your talent and I wish you all the best in the future.


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