Web Page Layout


Original Shape Map:


Original Sketch:

image1 (2)

I recently visited a website that was really archaic as far as its design was concerned. I used that for inspiration for this project, making slight adjustments to the name/function of the website itself while redoing all of its design elements. I knew I wanted a bright color scheme, and chose yellow as the background color from the start. From there on out, I just built the shape map and inserted the information as best as I could! I made many small adjustments along the way to create alignment, unity, flow, etc.

I received critiques from Chris Betts and ShaySookoo. Chris suggested I eliminate the original gray color, which I did by replacing it with the dark red. he also recommended enlarging several text boxes that were cutting off text. Shay gave similar suggestions to these.

Color Scheme: Triadic – Red, Yellow, Blue. (Also primary colors).

Fonts –

Veranda Regular, Sans Serif

Vladimir Script, Regular, Script

Images –

House: http://kreweng.tk/p/7427/beautiful-houses-pictures/

Globe Logo: http://www.clipartbest.com/globe-black-and-white-vector

BBB Certification: http://www.wisclandscaping.com/dbe-certified


One thought on “Web Page Layout

  1. Meghan- this looks really good. I really like the color scheme and the fonts you used. The background picture is a little blurry but other than that, I think it turned out really good. I think that its cool you followed your sketch.


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