Movie Poster


From my first glance at this assignment, I knew that I wanted to do something darker, more mysterious. Most of my projects have been uplifting and bright, but for whatever reason when I envisioned this poster, it was more for a horror flick than a comedy. I started off by taking several pictures of myself from varying angles. I kept my face blank, suspicious or fearful to adhere to the genre I was going for. I don’t remember what my inspiration for the lightening look was. Originally, I thought that I would just place myself in the image of a storm, but I found that I liked the symbolic “inner storm” idea more, and worked that to my advantage.

I layered the photos I chose to use in Photoshop and played around with placement, brightness and contrast, and exposure until the poster seemed appropriately dark and mysterious. I added a related title, subtitle and credits. I listed mostly whatever actors I could come up with off the top of my head. My message was a teaser about an upcoming film storyline, geared towards older sci-fi/mystery loving individuals.

I received critiques from Mary Ann Gilli and April Bethea via the Facebook page. Mary Ann suggested not center-aligning. I thought that because that is typical of the credits, I would leave those, but I did un-center the subtitle. April suggested lightening my face and the lightening bolt, which I did by adjusting exposure. I also made the release date smaller, as per her advice, and adjusted the spacing between that line and the credits.

Woman Image: taken by myself, of myself

Lightening Image:

Fonts –

Title: Sans serif, Orator STD Medium

Actors, Subtitle: Oldstyle Serif, Courier New Bold

Credits: SF Movie Poster Condensed



3 thoughts on “Movie Poster

  1. Meghan, I like your final product and think you have done a great job. I think it is a very interesting and would catch the eye of those looking for a mystical movie to watch. I think you did a great job of combining the picture of you and the lighting together. It has been fun to learn all we can do in Photoshop and get to play around with it. I cant wait to see what you do next.
    You should check out Jaclyn’s work. Here is a link to her page if you choose to check it out


  2. I think you did a great job with your movie poster. The fonts all go well together and contrast well with the dark background. I think you designed your background well – I liked how you merged the images you used. There is also plenty of spacing around and between the type – helps me read at easy. I also had an idea similar to yours – here is a link to my blog post:


  3. You did such a great job creating a mysterious and darker-feeling theme for this poster! I love the way you blended your face into the dark background of the poster and the overlay of the lightning right in the middle of your face. Your film title is well chosen, and your movie font looks great at the bottom. I also really like the short little blurb telling me just enough about the movie to pique my curiosity. Well done!
    Garrett Chug also created a movie poster with a darker, more scary theme. You can see it here:


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