Photography Project

I happen to watching some family friends’ kids while the parents are in Europe and they have a chicken coop that I thought could look idyllic for this project. I borrowed a digital camera and shot probably about 30 total images of varying angles and aspects of the coop and its inhabitants. The day was overcast so the lighting worked out well for being later in the day.

I picked the 12 photos I liked best (and a 13th one of a goat, which is not included here) and uploaded them into Photoshop. Initially, I had upped the exposure on many of them because I liked the effect. I eventually went back and toned it down a bit, as per Sister Petersen’s advice. I picked one side shot of the coop to overlay with a wall texture. I also changed that to black-and-white since it gave it a haunted, vintage kind of look.

I received feedback from Sister Petersen, which inspired me to release some trapped white space, adjust exposure, crop some images tighter, etc. Also, Becca Hancock advised me to edit elements of the title, via Facebook, which I did. Overall, I enjoyed learning about Photoshop and photography; its definitely a skill I would like to develop further.

*Sister Petersen, the clickable/sizing feature is still not working on my wordpress, just so you are aware.*

Chicken Coop CollageCoop BW BlendedThree hensInside BWThe doorFluffy Feetsidewire hen




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