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My baby is due in the less than 6 weeks, and my subject for this project came naturally as a result of that. I learned about the Honest Company a couple of years ago from a friend and have loved their products and general outlook since! All of the Honest Company’s products are based around affordability, fashion – forwardness, and environmental/baby friendliness. Jessica Alba, the company’s CEO started looking for safe baby products when she was pregnant with her first daughter, and was appalled at the increasing amount of chemicals put in products, many of which we don’t know enough about to qualify as “safe”. She set out to create protective products that work for families on a budget and keep the “cute factor” in tact.  I chose to incorporate their insanely adorable and functional diapers into my infographic.

I used to format everything, and I chose to keep it as simple as possible. We are appealing to moms and we know their time is precious. The message is based around the different elements of our diapers, and the promotional bundles the company offers. The bundles include a months’ worth of diapers and wipes for a flat monthly rate delivered to your door. Quantities start at 340 newborn diapers, and decrease overtime. We also included graphics showing the awards/certifications these have received, including a high rating from the Better Business Bureau, a Cruelty Free sticker, Green America certification, and a Healthy Child Trust stamp of approval.

The visual elements I included are mostly 2-toned blue circles. The company’s logo is a blue circle with a butterfly, so it seemed appropriate to build a unifying element with that. I also used lines to indicate the different features as referring to the diapers. The image is several different diaper prints offered online.

Company: The Honest Company,

Objective: Increase awareness of the various diaper features relating to health, safety, functionality and fashion.

Strategy: Create an infographic outlining the basic features and promoting the bundles package, including wipes and diapers at a low monthly rate.

anhonestdiaper (1)

Image Source:

Typography: CA BND Web and Playfair Display

For some reason, I didn’t receive any critiques on my work. I reposted three times throughout the day, and the most I could get was a ‘like’ from Sidney Sepulveda. By no means do I think this is because my design was perfect! I went through and did some self critique, adjusting snippets for alignments. The biggest change was that with the title on the top left hand side and the Bundle deal below that on the bottom left, I found my gaze sticking solely to that side of the infographic. I decided to switch the deal info to the right hand side to help facilitate a downward, diagonal gaze over the page. I also adjusted size, direction and location of the graphic circles. Also, the circle right next to the title originally contained the company logo…it wouldn’t transfer here for some reason.


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