Slide Design Project


Talk —

“A Summer with Great-Aunt Rose” by Deiter F. Uchtdorf. Given in the Women’s Session of General Conference, October 2015.

Speaker’s Outline —

  1. Summer with Great-Aunt Rose
    1. Great-Aunt Rose
      1. Eva has to spend an entire summer with her great-aunt against her will
      2. Never married, big, loud;
      3. Happiest person Eva had ever met
  1. “Why are you so happy?”
    1. Picture of Pioneer girl
    2. Focus on the miracles of life
      1. God designed us to have joy
      2. Discover faith
        1. Leads to hope when you know that Christ has already made life ok
        2. We are promised a glorious future
        3. Exercise faith by filling life with meaningful things
        4. Heart of the Gospel – love
          1. Love and serve others to bring true happiness
  1. Eva was forever changed by her summer with Great-Aunt Rose


My slide design project is based off the talk “A Summer with Great-Aunt Rose”, by Deiter F. Uchtdorf, given October 2015. My husband and I had studied this talk the morning I first read through this assignment, and I felt it connected perfectly! The message is essentially a story used as a parable, so it fit the criteria to be inspiring, and it made choosing images a lot easier. The audience was originally the women of the LDS church who were able to view the broadcast, but I think the slides could appeal to an even broader group. I chose to filter all the images with a hazy orange-gold that, I think, gives it a vintage feel that goes along great with my perception of the scenes in the story. Originally the text was in black, but I changed it to white to stand out a bit more from the background.

Getting critique for this project was somehow more difficult than it has been in the past. Chris Betts did suggest me to make the “big idea” text heavier – I chose to achieve a similar effect by changing the font color. He also felt that perhaps the design element should be filled in, but I felt it met my purposes better without being filled. I drew heavily from Professor Petersen’s critique as that was the inspiration for applying a filter to all my images, moving the talk’s author’s name up to increase relevant proximity, and changing the image of the house in the countryside to be less pixelated.

Fonts: Multi-weighted San Serifs – Eras Light ITC and Eras Medium ITC

Images —

Going Gray




2 thoughts on “Slide Design Project

  1. Your slide presentation is beautiful, Meghan! I especially like the color tone you brought into each image to unify them; this really helps my focus to be on the message of each slide. Also, the white contrast of your text and design element really helps it pop and become the focal point of each slide. The repetition of the design element is a great touch, and it’s great how you have adjusted it to fit with each message. You’ve incorporated variety with repetition, and it keeps my interest as I move from slide to slide. Your chosen images work great with your messages, as well. Great job!

    Shay Sookhoo also used a repeating design element in a similar manner. Check out her slideshow at


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