Event Flier Project


Original project designed in word:

flierscreenshotFor this project, I chose to re-create a flier for an actual event that is taking place in my stake. (I definitely saw how knowing basic design principles colors the way you see other projects as well). I originally tried a completely different layout, but it was elementary looking and didn’t convey the message I wanted – which was professional but interesting. My audience is women ages 8+ in our stake. Sticking with a simplistic idea, I chose a monochromatic color scheme with varying shades of blue — even the body type which appears white is really just the lightest shade of blue. It looks more contrasting due to the deeper blue background.

My classmates were once again helpful in providing critique. Christina Carrick reminded me about the border criteria, so I moved the logos up from the bottom corner. I had the hardest time placing those, so I was especially grateful for her insight. Shawdee Snow helped me revise my wording to reflect my specific audience – it sounded a bit broader beforehand.

Colors – Blue-Gray Text 2, Dark Blue, Blue – Accent 5 -Lighter 80%, Blue – Accent 1 – Darker 25%

Image Source: https://www.lds.org/church/news/first-presidency-announces-new-general-womens-meeting?lang=eng

Title Font: Minion Pro Cond (Serif – Oldstyle)

Body Type Font: Microsoft Sans Serif (Sans Serif)


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