Tasteful Typography Project


Project originally designed in Word, as seen here:



In creating this particular project, I knew that I wanted a powerful quote about individuality, and I figured it would probably come from C.S. Lewis since he is one of my all-time favorites. I picked individuality mostly because I already had this image in mind and see it as a metaphor for standing out and choosing to be unique in a sea of sameness. The Lewis quote went along perfectly as he describes becoming our own selves by turning to Christ.

My classmates were particularly helpful as they provided critique through Facebook. Sarah Bringhurst, Sidney Sepulveda and Rachel Pearson all mentioned that the body copy was a bit difficult to read. That was hard to edit, since it was already sized at 11-point, but I chose a different more readable font instead and that seemed to clear up the issue. I also lessened the tracking between the quote and C.S. Lewis’s name, as per Rachel’s suggestion. Karin Cabalo and Sidney both suggested I make the title red instead of the deep violet I had used originally, which I thought was a great idea as it added a bit more contrast within the type and tied in the single red tulip. Finally, Nicole Stock shared her opinion that the type shouldn’t be so distanced from the center point of the photo – the red tulip. I took her advice into consideration, and ended up moving the type down several inches rather than keeping it in the high left-hand corner. All of these tips were given Wednesday, the 27th.

Photo credit goes to Robyn Stagg Photography. I actually purchased this photo in a bundle as it was taken on my wedding day at the Denver Colorado Temple. No rights were infringed upon.

Title Font: Script – Monotype Corsiva

Body Type Font: Sans Serif – Meiryo UI



3 thoughts on “Tasteful Typography Project

  1. Beautiful picture you selected! I hadn’t considered the photo’s I had purchased. I like the quote and the typography you selected and how you made the focused color of the red flower the color of your title. I especially like that when I first looked over your post, I thought it would be nice to have done the body text in the purple undertone flowers of the photo and then after zooming in to check, you did! Great minds think a like I guess!



  2. Megan,
    You did such an amazing job!! this is beautiful and the message you choose was the perfect fit for this image! Your image looks so professional and delicate which made me keep reading every single word of your quote. As well, the little dots in the side made a perfect touch for your body copy, it gave contrast to it and geometry. You did a very good job!!!


  3. Hey Meghan,

    I thought you did a really good job with this project! I really like the photo that you choose and I feel that the text goes very much along with the photo. I think that the change you made from a purple font for the title to a red font really makes a difference. It draws so much more attention to the red tulip and the wonderful photo.

    I very much like the quote that you chose as well. All of it comes together very well and I saw the changes that you made throughout the class. Great job! Your post inspired and helped me in my decision-making as well.



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