Gestalt Activity

For the Gestalt Activity, I went through a bit of a process before deciding what I really wanted to do. At first I started sketching a picket fence and house made from  a tie-shape. It took a whole 5 minutes of that for me to remember that I can’t draw…and I subsequently abandoned that idea.

Moving on, I came to embrace the inclination I had had all day to bake – and made that into my project instead!

I found a recipe for sugar cookies that looked like it wouldn’t take an exuberant amount of time or effort (found here: I whipped up the dough…


…cut out the individual hearts…


…frosted the baked cookies appropriately and voila! I had created a full four-leaf clover patch! Can you spot the one lucky 3-leaf clover?? (I know that is backwards and the 4 leaf clovers and lucky…but that’s just how this patch grew. ;))




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